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WikiWorldBook.comSearch tools that take into account the social web are an outright necessity, and the more we have the better off we are – especially if they are as comprehensive as this one. Basically, through the site you can key in the first and last name of any person you want to look up online, and the results will be there and then presented for you to weigh up.


Some of the many services covered include Facebook, Orkut, Digg, and Twitter. Search for blogs is likewise taken into account, and that gives this engine added appeal and cogency.

As it was to be expected when dealing with something as big as the social web, a set of options for narrowing results is included. These are found under the “Advanced People Search” heading, and they include the option to set down the school or university that the person you are after is attending or has attended in the past, as well as a plethora of personal particulars like gender and so forth.

In finishing, this is (yet) another tool that has the objective of making the social web a more ordered space. Try it out at and see if it delivers the goods or not. In Their Own Words

“Free People Search & Global Open Address Book.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Bearing in mind the speed at which the social web moves, any tool for finding information on it is more than welcome.

Some Questions About

How is the site going to advertise itself?


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