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Wic.orgWomen’s International Center is a non-profit education and service organization that is dedicated to encourage and educate women. Through the Living Legacy Awards they’ve been celebrating the contributions women have made to society.


In order to make the reach of this association further they have created At the site you will be able to find women’s deeds, accomplishments, legacies and history that includes short biographies of their LLA recipients. What is more, you will also find hundreds of sources that will give you the chance to learn about economic, medical, emotional, psychological and Safe Houses that where created for those who need professional assistance. Moreover, you will also find links to other organizations specifically dedicated to help and improve the lives of all women. Women have been providing great discoveries and made great contributions to society so it is time that they get some recognition for that and that is why WIC was created to give them the recognition they deserve and also to help women achive their goals.


Author : Fred Inman

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