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WhrAreU.Somee.comWhr Are U is a new service that will let you keep track of the location of any of your friends, while also letting them know about your whereabouts at all times. This is made possible through a micro-networking website and a lightweight mobile app (Location Alarm Plus).


In both cases, the services provided by Whr Are U are completely free. The mobile app itself works on CBS (cell broadcast service). That means you don’t need a GPS enabled phone in order to use the app to the full. It will work out fine on any GPRS multimedia phone, and that is actually one of the main assets of the service: how it stands as an alternative to something that otherwise is only available to people who have a cutting edge handset.

Current features include location based alerts right on your mobile, a travel log for keeping track of where you have been and what you have done, and full access to Google Maps (both in the website, and on your mobile). And features like a locator of friends that is SMS-based will be implemented in the not-so-distant future. In Their Own Words

“Whr r u – Its a cool light weight web service that lets you find your friend’s present location and also gives you an option to make your present location searchable to your friends. You can update your location from your mobile phone by using our Mobile App which doesnt require any GPS connectivity. Its pretty simple. Just Register yout email-id with us and download our Mobile App and keep updating your position to your friends. Also find out where your friends are, their present location.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It uses CBS (Cell Broadcast Service), a service given by all Telecom Operators that can be used to extract the location of a user. That is a free service that can be deemed as a true alternative to GPS.

Some Questions About

How could the site become more appealing from a structural viewpoint? What should be revised?


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