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Whozat.comWhozat is a semantic search engine for people finding that allows you to find information on everyday people that you wouldn’t necessarily find with other engines. Whozat scours a number of sources including search engines like Google, as well as social and professional networks.


The engine is also interactive in the sense that it allows users to give feedback in the form of a checkmark or an “X” on every element of the results that they receive. Searches are ranked according to the relevance of your query making it much more successful at providing information about ordinary people. Finally, Whozat automatically generates tags that allow a searcher to indicate which person, or which aspect of a person they are interested in. In Their Own Words

“Whozat is the first interactive semantic people search engine that was recognized as one of the 100 hottest new start-ups by TechCrunch40”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Being able to find accurate information about regular people is still difficult to do on the web. Whozat seems to be tackling this problem and it could become a key referencing tool in the future.

Some Questions About

Actual testing of the engine was not possible because they are currently experiencing too much traffic. Is this an indication of the general stability of the company or is it simply a spike in traffic that couldn’t have been predicted?


Author : Caroline Bright

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