WholeScience.Net – Frontier Science Magazine

WholeScience.NetWhole Science is an online magazine that contains all the latest information related to consciousness research.

At this site, users will be able to check on the different projects that are being conducted by some of the most important Mind Sciences Organizations in the world.

In addition to this, users will find a good place where to find self development resources on the potential of the human mind.

In order to use the benefits of this website, you must be a member. This is a member subscription website, and offering interviews, a download library, forum, articles, audio, a free videos section, member profiles, real life stories, all supported by a team of industry experts.

Now you can get access to the only magazine in the world that combines both personal development and science.

This is a totally scientific site that gives you the scientific studies of research into the mind and shows you just how powerful your mind really is.

At Whole Science you can read articles and studies about mind-body medicine, as well as mental imagery research, and psi (psychical) research.

These are part of what is known as frontier science, and Whole Science gives you not only the facts, but practical tools to integrate this knowledge into your own life.

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