WeRunPhilly.com – And you know, we run Philly!

WeRunPhilly.comIf you are in Philadelphia (PA, USA) looking to meet new people, having access to the best music and videos, or about what is going on town you can chekWeRunPhilly.com.

This is a lifestyle portal where you can create your own social network online.

WeRunPhilly integrates things such us web profiles or blogs and instant messaging, giving you the chance to create you own e-mail account, download music from the best artist in Philly, and create and share the pictures you want through the photo galleries. Through groups, chat rooms, and user forums, WeRunPhilly.com has created a connected community where users put their lives online.

One important thing about this site is the fact that this is also a key music destination for all the area music artists who can use the site in order to launch their new albums so people can get to know by sharing their music. For this purpose, there is a Philly version of Myspace and Youtube combined.

Yes, this is an authentic Philadelphia’s social site where among many other things, you can get access to all the news about many events you would not get to know about if you do not check this site.