search cancel – Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod is a religious site which caters for the Lutheran denomination by offering a variety of worship and community resources, like prayers, mission stories and a forum where site members join to discuss faith-related issues.


The site is very nicely designed and very user-friendly in order to ensure that believer of all ages can feel comfortable browsing, reading, watching the available videos or downloading podcasts to listen to prayers and worship. A good way to get familiarized with the many features this site has to offer is to take the flash tour, so you’ll be sure not to miss the best parts of the site. also offers a variety of materials for teachers and religion educators, like coloring pages and activity books which they can download and print. Also very interesting about his site is that it hosts a series of photo galleries which present god’s and man’s creations under several categories; these images are generally in hi-res and are royalty free, so that they can be used in websites and brochures. If you are travelling abroad and want to find a community in your destination, use the locator tool to find a Lutheran church in the US and world.


Author : Steve Dixon

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