Webwombat.com – Australian Search Engine

Webwombat.comWeb Wombat is an Australian search engine that is presented in a neat manner that makes for easy navigation and usage. In addition to conducting a search that takes into account more than 20,000,000 Australian websites and pages, the site enables the user to browse through a wide range of categories and directories.

For instance, it is possible to navigate through Australian newspaper and magazine directories. Moreover, business links are featured on the left hand side of the main page, and they cover issues such as Internet marketing and enterprises listings. Job search links can be found therein too, along with both business profiles and business directories. In addition to that, there is a section that goes by the name of “Compare shops”, which makes for the instant comparison and contrast of different shops and vendors. Other features of the website include a live news feed and a section entitled “Spotlight”, which showcases the latest music and games releases. Webwombat.com