KillerStartups – Webmasters Forum is nothing but what its URL indicates it to be: a huge forum for webmasters of advanced to pro expertise, where users join to discuss all things webmaster-related: from scripting and database management to design, SEO and hosting.

The site features a marketplace where users get to the dirty talk and make business: websites, domain names, advertising space, link exchange, freelance writing jobs, everything gets sold or bought here. The community supporting this site is very active, and as per what can be read in several forums, very cooperative as well, as lots of users post questions which get answered quite promptly. Happily this forum is very neatly organized into different topics so that there is no mess, which is a vital issue especially when talking such highly technical stuff. Interestingly, the site is open for people related to the web developing area, like writers and graphic designers, who enlarge the community by joining the marketplace forums.

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