KillerStartups – Web Office Apps for the Road

WebexOne.comEver since Google launched their office apps, a huge wave of web-based suites for sharing documents has swept the web, most of which leave a lot to desire. WebexOne.

com is not one of those: WebOffice is an office-sharing app developed by WebEx, a Cisco company, which prides in offering reliable collaborative platforms which not only allow remote access to documents, but also online meetings, opinion polls, expense reports, announcements, Palm and PDA synchronization and other standard features, in a fully customizable environment which can be further tailored to fit each office’s needs by installing add-ons provided by the site. If you are unsure about whether WebOffice will work for you, try a 30-day free trial before purchasing the suite, or take the flash tour to discover the benefits and functions of this platform. Although originally developed for business use, WebOffice is a great solution for research groups and other manners of collaborative work, and even for personal use, as you can use the suite to manage your files and work while you are travelling, or if you use more than one computer.

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