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WAMODO is a modern store committed to good design. We feature an exciting and eclectic range of contemporary Japanese homeware with great form and function.


Why It Might Be A Killer

WAMODO offers a New Modern Lifestyle with traditional Japanese warmth and heart.
WA – Japanese, MODO – Origin: Latin for Modern ‘Just Now’

Over Japan’s long history, countless types of unique products have been created. Traditional crafts and methods continue to be used even today, while new products evolve with the influence of western culture. Each product promises it’s own blend of contemporary style and sense of culture.

WAMODO introduces the new ‘Japanese Modern’ (WA Modern) which is a mixture of traditional Japanese crafts and the contemporary essence of design and style. The stunning Japanese products which we feature in our store are of modern design and form, while complimenting a westernized lifestyle. We aim to enrich your peaceful lifestyle and ensure nostalgic moments can be treasured.

New ‘Japanese Modern’


Author : Bruce Turner

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