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Wacom.comEver watched a YouTube instructional design software video? Did you notice that these guys not only accomplish feats you’re a thousand light years away from, but they get these absolutely covetable tablets in which they draw and design with a pen as opposed to contorting their hands in impossible ways over their non-existent mouse? So I solved your problem: what you are lacking is the tablet, so now go over to (the designers and manufacturers of these great design aids and peripherals), explore their catalogue and make your purchase online.


Although Wacom focuses on design stuff, they sell products that can be of great use for other industries, like medical, mapping, education and professional offices; learn about how the Wacom products can help your office or company by taking a look at the testimonials section. Wacom has only recently launched a touchpad system that allows you to work directly on an LCD monitor which you plug in to your desktop or laptop PC or mac, as the tablets are available in several sizes (12, 20 and 21 UX), which is a good way to make written notes to on-screen documents, so even a larger audience can benefit from this company’s products. By visiting, you can also register your purchase, download drivers or learn tips and tricks that will allow you to get the best out of your new products (only available for Corel, Flash and Photoshop suites, though).


Author : Steve Dixon

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