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VOTEmotion.comVOTEmotion is a user run news site with voting based on emotions. On this site you can discover what is important, new, and popular on the internet.


Users control the site with link submissions and the power to vote. Instead of just voting up or voting down a link like on most other sites, you emote it. The way people emphasize importance on a link can be confusing. When a user votes on a link about a celebrity dieting, are they happy or sad? Does wiretapping making a person laugh or are they enraged? VOTEmotion helps to solve this flaw by allowing the user to express their emotions on a link. On the site you’ll find all sorts of news articles and other content on a vast array of topics, all of which are user submitted. Just click on the links and make your emotions known. In order to start casting your vote all you have to do is sign up at no charge. Register to vote and show what you feel.


Author : Liam Gray

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