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Vizhole.comDid it ever happen to you that you were looking for a video in, say, YouTube, and regardless of how much you searched you didn’t seem to get across it? Did you ever feel stupid when you said ‘Oh, well, let’s try Veoh for a change’ and there it was, staring at you from the #1 in the search results page? Well, those days are over for good, because thanks to you can beat the strange shifts in audience and liking that make people upload stuff to one of the video portals and not to the next.


This site is a Search Engine that simultaneously searches the largest video portals: YouTube, LiveVideo, DailyMotion, iFilm, Veoh, and presents you with the combined results so you need only make one click as opposed to a gazillion, when searching each portal separately. In Their Own Words

“Most Viewed & Recently Added Videos in Today, Live News Videos RSS Publishers, Home Video Channels”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Interestingly, the site also allows conducting simultaneous searches in major news sites, like ABC, BBC, Reuters, USA Today and Fox, so it can build up as a great service for journalists as well, who’ll definitely find this resource extremely useful.

Some Questions About

The site’s design is a bit dull, and could definitely use some improvement; will they see to this?


Author : Caroline Bright

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