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VisualsUnlimited.comVisuals Unlimited is the leading source for collections of images, which are result of the works of hundreds of professional, scientific and medical photographers around the world. In other worlds, Visuals Unlimited´s aim is to satisfy all your photo needs.


Images are divided into six different categories; microscopy, medicine, wildlife, science, botany and new medical IRF. Click on the ones you are interested in and get all the images available. Each image displayed on the site comes with a brief description for you to completely understand what it is about. If you are interested in saving your images in your light box, you must register by filling the form provided with your contact information. If you are a photographer and would like to share your photos with the rest of the world through this web site, go to the photographers’ area. Read the brief intro, the information on the contract and the testimonials in order to understand what it would mean to work with them.


Author : Bruce Turner

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