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VirtualPet.comPolson Enterprises is a company dedicated to New Product development, Market Research and Product Design Information Support. Managed by Gary Polson and his wife, Lora Polson, Polson Enterprises offers to assist in new product developments in any area.


Their expertise list includes the Boating Industry, Novelties, Propellers, ERP Applications and Virtual Pets and Pet Products. Founded in 1996, Polson Enterprises helps individuals and businesses form the go in the research and manufacturing of a new product. From Legal advice and technical research, to Competitive Intelligence Services and Technological Alerts, this company practically offers to take over the stressing part of an invention by getting it patent, making the research necessary to know the appropriate customer focus. With a large amount of contacts and informational based web sites; as well as a simple design and search engine, helps any person that wants to get their new invention or idea out to the market.


Author : Caroline Bright

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