KillerStartups – Online Personalized Workouts

VirtualFitnessCoach.comOnline Personal Trainers and Personalized Workout Plans. Whether you’re a member of a gym or choose to buy equipment from them, through video, audio and text you’ll be shown exactly what to do and when to do it so you can achieve your health and fitness goals. You tell them what your goals are and they’ll show you what and how much you need to eat, and when the right time to eat is. They’ll also guide you around the grocery store, offer healthy dishes and answer any questions about nutrition.

From wake up calls to words of wisdom to changing routines at just the right time, your coach will do what he has to do to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Because he knows that a goal without a plan is just a wish.

This could mean salvation for the millions of couch potatoes who have a laptop next to the remote at all times. Give it a try, at best, you’ll lose a couple of pounds.

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