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Vgpro.comVGPRO is a new type of game site dedicated to gamers and the content they create. Through its webpage you can submit your original game content, and every visitor will be able to play and enjoy your creation.


For submitting games, the site is organized with user created groups, and a database of over 20.000 console and pc games. But it’s important to think VGPRO as a community; here you can access to an open platform to speak your mind about the games you play, share your gamer knowledge, and meet new friends. Indeed, hundreds of gamers join the site everyday, so anyone can find a friend on VGPRO. Of course, visitors and gamers can play online, choosing game titles from the site’s huge database. List your all-time favorites, games on your wish-list, and what you’re currently playing. In VGPRO not only do you create the content, you also decide what’s popular, what’s hot, and what’s not.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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