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Vfwstore.orgIn case you want to buy photos of the American flag, as well as medals and emblems from U.S. veterans organizations, might be the right site for you to visit. The VFW Emblem & Supply Dept., is a store based in Kansas City, Missouri, that manufactures, reproduces, sells and purchases merchandise from veterans organizations in the United States.


On this site you will find special offers and clearance items, as well as a search engine you can use to search for a specific item in the catalog. Besides, provides a product catalog, including photos of the American flag, flags and accessories, as well as a great collection of badges, medals, emblems, and insignias of any veterans organization.

Are you looking for emblems and insignias from U.S. veterans organizations? Do you want to buy photos of the American flag online? In that case, feel free to stop by


Author : Bill Webb

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