– Bringing Focus to Life

VergenceMedia.comVergence Media provides revolutionary interactive photography to manufacturers and e-commerce retailers. Its patent-pending Free Form Rotation technology enables companies to bring the hands-on product experience to the comfortable and controllable web environment.

Vergence Media implementation is virtually seamless and does not require Flash or QuickTime, although those platforms are available in its product offering. At the end of the day, Vergence strives to be a digital content leader in the emerging digital marketplace. In a growing e-commerce marketplace, consumers desire a web experience that goes beyond static photography and 360-degree rotation on sites.

Vergence Media’s Free Form Rotation technology loads very quickly, something which is very desirable to both businesses and customers alike. With this technology, business will be able to showcase their products the way the customers want to see them.

In addition, they’ve introduced Focus Points Technology, which allows clients to tag any part of their product. The platform is scalable and flexible enough for many use cases, online, kiosk, or even mobile.