search cancel A Guide To Learning Styles A Guide To Learning lets you know more about your studying profile. Vark is an online questionnaire designed to help you know the best methods for you to study. If you have problems studying mathematics, you can answer this questionnaire and find some ideas about how to improve your study. Keep this site in mind, in case you want to find out what your studying preferences are.


Are you a visual learner? Pictures and images make your study easier? If you want to know that, you just need to visit and answer their questionnaire. In that way you can find out your studying preferences. This information could be useful to improve your study.

To sum up, offers a questionnaire on learning preferences you can answer to know how you can improve your study. The results of this questionnaire will let you know if you should study with images, texts, or other sources. A Guide To Learning Styles


Author : Irene Davids

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