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VanViolins.comIf one could hear to the music the beautiful fiddles, violins, violas and cellos to be seen on this site, it would almost certainly be heavenly! This site belongs to Peter Van Arsdale, a luthier (a builder of music instruments, that is) in the violin family (bows too) who makes his designs based mainly on Antonio Stradivari’s, and also some original ones. A showcase of some of his works and some very important classic music performers who’ve purchased his instruments can be seen on the site, but unfortunately no purchases are directly available, and the site is not very professional-looking, two features that will hopefully get solved in the near future.


It would be just wonderful to be able to listen to maybe a short clip of each instrument being played, and to be able to watch the images as slideshows. They also offer repair services, but other than a notice announcing free estimates, there’s nothing on the topic: I reckon it would be great for customers to get instructions on whether they should snail mail the broken instrument or just email pictures.


Author : Steve Dixon

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