search cancel – Succeed Online in Japan is an online marketing solutions company specializing in the Japanese market by providing its customers, both western and Japanese, with affiliate marketing (through a network of multi-channeled and multi-topic sites in Japanese), and a Search Marketing Agency Service (SEO and SEM).


As with any other online marketing company, aims to help its customers increase the volume of highly-targeted traffic, consolidate eCommerce channels, and thus generate revenue growth, and general optimization of marketing performances. The site includes thoroughly detailed information and graphic diagrams and charts explaining how their services can help individual business, however I could not find a list or even a limited portfolio of the kinds of sites that belong to their affiliate network. Webmasters interested in joining the affiliate program can do so through the site too, but they are only eligible if their sites are in Japanese language. Of course, this company has its site in Japanese language version at


Author : Steve Dixon

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