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There’s no need to introduce V8, a leader brand in vegetable juices, but their website at is apt to make you rediscover all their products. It’s no news either how important vegetables are in our regular diet and the benefits they bring for our health. V8 has found a way, since their beginnings in the 1930’s, to help customers have their recommended vegetable consumption.


A great lot of information is available at for you to see and check the facts of the nutritional percentages of V8 juices. So bear in mind that is not just a commercial website but an informative one too.

There is more, though. A whole section with recipes based on vegetables and V8 juices will make you enter a whole new world of healthy and tasty food. Nothing too elaborate, just simple combinations easy to prepare, among which you will find rice and pasta dishes, or others based on fish or smashed potatoes. Each recipe includes its nutritional facts, too.

V8 juices have many different types of products, and the site does a good job at showing you the options you have for drinking their beverages. If you suffer from some kind of heart problem, don’t worry, a low sodium drink is specially thought so that you can still enjoy the benefits of these drinks.
also has coupons available to get discounts on their products, whether single bottles or packs. Because V8 wants to keep you connected to their activities, you may also want to subscribe to the newsletter and receive information on promos, discounts, and other news.

In Their Own Words

Our mission: to help more people get the number of vegetable servings they need every day.

Why It May Be A Killer informs you about all the options you’ve got to drink the company’s vegetable juices.


How often can consumers expect to have new juices to taste?


Author : Mery Fisher

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