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UTLM.orgThe Utah Lighthouse Ministry is a Christian non-profit organization that provides humanitarian outreach as well as research and documentation on the LDS Church. The founders of this organization are Jerald and Sandra Tanner, both of whom have a strong Mormon family history.


Together they set out to examine the origins of Mormonism and question its teachings, and have since then written over forty books on the Mormon Church. The site contains a vast collection of written works on topics regarding the Mormon faith such as history, abuse, rituals, censorship, theology, hierarchy, prophets, polygamy, and much more. The topical index is presented in alphabetical order making it easy to find the topic of interest. The site also contains testimony on key subject matter pertaining to the Mormon Church, newsletters on Mormon related topics, as well as online resources on LDS theology, tracts, information sheets, LDS records, articles, sermons, interviews, and more. Those interested in reading books on the Mormon Church can go to the online books section where they can read many of the publications by the Tanners or check out the booklist at the Virtual Bookstore.


Author : Charly Zaks

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