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UsCellularShop.comThis US-based online store is all about cell phones: every size, every brand, PDA or not, contract or free, whatever the object of your desire is, surely has it.


A good feature about this site is the fact that it allows you to browse phones by maker and also by carrier, which can be very comfortable for some more amateurish users. Unfortunately, the site’s checkout system will not display any related things you can buy for the model you chose, which seems a bit of a shame: if they suggested maybe memory cards, pouches or some of those trendy self-adhesive skins, there’s a high chance customers would be interested in getting some too. is nicely designed and runs smoothly, ensuring comfort and ease for experienced and first-time online shoppers, and has one very convenient feature to its credit: once you’ve chosen a product, before providing any further details, the site will ask for your zip code in order to ensure that the offer and carrier plan is available in your area; though at first glance this seems mightily uncomfortable, it turns out to be a great way of saving time while you search for that phone you’ve been coveting for such a long time.


Author : Steve Dixon

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