search cancel – Online Payment Systems provides a secure and reliable system for credit card and check transactions.


They have opened their operations in 1998 and have developed speed and secure payment systems ever since. Their aim, basically, is to prevent and avoid fraud. One of the things they priories is technology; therefore, they are always looking for the newest methods for credit card processing. Among the solutions they provide, there are: payment process diagram, merchant console virtual terminal, “ePay”ment form, customer billing database, fraud center, retail ePay solutions, developer’s center, etc. The merchant console virtual terminal is highly effective because it works like a credit card machine; it process sales, credits, and voids. At the web site you will see different sections, such as: developers, resellers, support, etc. In the developers section there are some links like: developer`s library, wiki-knowledge base, registered carts and eStores, etc. If you want further information about the company itself, visit their site and check for the press releases, privacy policies, and premium partners,


Author : Bill Webb

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