search cancel – Add Your Knowledge to the Map is developing a new community driven thematic site. The goal is to build a repository of community knowledge in social demographics and other worldwide statistical data where everyone can create, view, and share data expressed on thematic maps. allows knowledge sharing. Any user can easily access information form any country in the world. It’s an easy and powerful tool to create thematic maps in a matter of minutes. Just upolad an excel file and you get a map ready to be edited. With the contribution of users the site will maintain a library with all the published maps. Right now there are more than 50 countries avaliable, and each week more will be added.

Creating maps is pretty straightforward, as it allows direct data typing or uploading excel data files, with zip/postal codes, names, codes, or abbreviations. You can show your data on a variety of countries around the world (besides world and continent maps). Maps can be edited in many ways including colors, legends, labels, background, and more. In the end this site hopes to connect a communtity of people who wants to share their knowledge.


Author : Bill Webb

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