KillerStartups – The Source For Off Campus Dining allows students to post information on dining options around campus.

There are always good and bad places around colleges, so why should you spend time and money going to those which are no good?

On this site users will be able to find out about the eateries around their college so they can make better choices. You’ll also be able to review a restaurant so that others can benefit from your experience.

You can let as many people in on the places you’ve found around campus as you want. If you want only a few people to know about a little restaurant you’ve found, simply create your own group and only those you know will find out about it. You can also post your review for all to see and give others around your school the chance to check a place out or to avoid it like the plague.

The site is also a source of information for high school students visiting campus who want to know where the students hang out, and what is available, as well as for visiting friends or parents. gives current students a place to shout out a great spot or trash the spot that had lousy service or watered down drinks.

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