Untabbed.com – Search The Web More Practically

Untabbed.comUntabbed is a new search engine, and it must be said that it works pretty well for a change. Yet, it remains to be seen if that will be enough to make it gain sufficient notoriety to avoid being forgotten along with the endless alternative search engines that have already bitten the dust.

In general, Untabbed lets you carry searches and see the results that are displayed within a mini window. This saves you the tedious process of having to open new links and then going back to the original search results page in order to try a different one out.

And that is basically it. It is an interesting development for sure, but I just have to wonder how viable Untabbed is as a standalone product. The search paradigm it offers is interesting in itself, but it would work better as part of something bigger. But that is just my opinion. I encourage you to try Untabbed yourself and see exactly where it does stand for you, and (more importantly) where you think it can stand in the overall scheme of the WWW.

Untabbed.com In Their Own Words

The one tab search.

Why Untabbed.com It Might Be A Killer

It lets you save quite a good couple of clicks when searching for anything online. But it feels more like an idea that would be better off when integrated elsewhere, not as a standalone product.

Some Questions About Untabbed.com

How bright is the future for this particular search engine? Untabbed.com