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Unkasoft Advergaming

GameSpace is a new BETA form on non-intrusive advertising. The advertisements are triggered on the internet in the Mobile Internet and within the game.


GameSpace provides media companies with an effective way to promote digital content or products and brands to vital segments of the market.

Why Unkasoft Advergaming It Might Be A Killer

GameSpace main innovation is to allow advertising agencies insert ads into any interactive mobile game without development tasks. The service appears during the Mobile World Congress, lead by several international advertisers Filmax, GoMo News, Movistar and Betfair.

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Benefits for the mobile operator:
• Increase your benefits by receiving income from contents that are no longer profitable through the traditional model.
• Widen the paying users group by offering contents for free or for preview, sponsored by brand names
• A new income source for back catalogue games.

Benefits for the advertiser:
• Advergaming, complements its advertising scope with a new medium with penetration indexes above other media like TV or radio.
• Interaction with the user, allowing: making phone calls send SMS, etc.
• Advertising intertwined with entertainment, as the advertiser’s brand appears throughout the game
• Possibility to create a community around the brand


Author : Caroline Bright

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