UniqueAuction – Highest Unique Bid Wins … Bidding is FREE

UniqueAuction offers brand new products for 99% off the retail price in a highest unique bid auction format with no bidding fees. Every member receives 5 FREE bids per auction and they’ll pay no more than 1% of the retail value when they win the auction.

The way it works is unlike traditional auction sites, it’s not the highest bid that wins; it’s the most ‘unique’ bid that wins – a number that no other bidder has selected. For example, a $279 Nintendo Wii will have a ceiling price as low as $2.79.

Users can select or “bid” on any number between 0.01 and $2.79. Let’s say three people bid $2.79, two people bid $2.78 and one person bids $2.77, then the “most unique bid” would be $2.77. This means the winner will only pay $2.77 for a $279 item. Every bid placed can be seen, so there’s also a strategic element to this game as well.

Why UniqueAuction It Might Be A Killer

There’s no other site on the web like UniqueAuction now, some other sites have used the highest unique bid format, but a bidding fee is always charged in those cases.