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UltraCheatCode.comFor those stubborn gamers who can’t accept they sometimes lose, here’s a site you will find very interesting. Ultracheatcode.


com will eliminate forever the phrase “Game Over” from your screen by providing you with many cheat codes for your favorite games. At this site you will find a large number of free cheat codes in several categories available. You can access them through the links at the top navigation bar, where you will find specific sections for different platforms and consoles, such as Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2 and 3, Dreamcast, and Xbox, just to name a few. At the homepage you’ll find a main frame with a long list of links that represents the recently added codes and the games with new codes. However, you can look for the game you want through the list of letters in alphabetical order at the top. There you’ll also find other popular categories, like most voted games, top rated cheat, most viewed games, and online games.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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