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UltimateIntern.ComThis site was created with the intention of helping either students or entry level candidates to be well prepared in order to maximize their academics as well as their interviewing performance.


com is a resource for interns to visit and get all kinds of advice on resumes, cover letters, and interviews and of course get internship reviews.

In this way you will know what to expect from your interviews, and which are the points you need to strengthen in order to be successful.

Since all the internship reviews are by real interns, they provide very interesting, detailed and useful information.

There is one reason why this website is different to the few providing this service to interns. That is because it is the only one that has comprehensive reviews by the interns.

If you are an intern, you can rate your experiences through a scaled ratings and also text fields that describe your internship.

You can also be a member of the website’s blog, where you can share with others like you all your experiences at a real time. This is where you will get all the news you need about internships.

Now you can make the most from your college internship taking advantage of these services at www.ultimateintern.com.