ULaval.ca – Plan Your University Studies

ULaval.caIf you are a university student and you would like to course your university studies in Canada, then you can have a look at this site. This site is the official site of the Universitè Laval of Quebec.

You don’t need to speak French to be able to read this site since you have the possibility of choosing between the English or Spanish too. In this site you will be able to read general information about the university, its background, see pictures of it and of the campus and about the alumni. Furthermore, you are also able to read information about the different faculties that the university offers the students, the library, the programs and the different second language courses that you can course. Pictures of students in their daily life and of citizens of Quebec are published in this site so that you can get more familiar with what can become your next “home”. To apply to this university you will have to get in contact with ulaval.ca at the address published in the site or else make a phone call to the number they provide. Don’t hesitate, visit ulaval.ca and apply now! ULaval.ca