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Typophile.comThis website is a community regarding typography and designing of fonts. On Typophile.

com, you are able to discuss your opinions about fonts and designer creations. You may discuss very well known fonts such as Times New Roman and Comic Sans, as well as fonts posted by Typophile.com’s members. The website counts with an Encyclopedia section in which you can actually get started on the designing font’s art. They teach you things such as which type design software you should use, what you can do to combat piracy, and they even give you links to download cool fonts for free. If you get good at designing fonts you might as well become a member (which is completely free) and start sharing them with the Typophile community. The Resources section is yet another section where people can bond. From blogs, to book reviews to an interactive course on type style, you will sure feel part of the united community which Typophile is. Typophile.com