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Typo360.comWe all make mistakes, there’s no denying that, but self-help and philosophy alike advice us to learn from those mistakes in order to take some profit, and well, some people do know how to live up to those wise words, and this site is one of them: lets users search eBay for auctions with typos and spelling problems, as these will usually not get much visibility because users searching for a brand or a specific item won’t get them in their search results precisely because of the typo (eBay looks for exact term matches), or might think it is a spoof copy of the original.


This search engine uses an algorithm which finds the most regular kinds of mistakes and typos for any specific name, and presents you with those little known offers, which will be real bargains, as probably not very much people will be bidding for those. If you are a regular to eBay as a buyer or seller, you can also learn a lot from this site, as whenever you are searching for something, the system displays what terms it has searched eBay for, so you can learn what kind of mistakes you should be careful not to make when writing your descriptions. Also cool about, is that you can make all your shopping research using the site, as it will present the right matches for your search term, and also for the different possible mistakes.


Author : Steve Dixon

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