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Typetive.comDo you know what the word “typetive” means? Have you ever heard it? Haven’t you? For those who don’t know anything about this word and their Microsoft Word spelling check underlines it in red, here is the explanation. Typetive, adjective, inclined to excessive writing: tending to write readily and at length.


It seems like the owner of the site is a proud typetive person. is a website where you will find all kind of writings, articles, and comments regarding different plays. Do you want to know more information? Cybele May is a play writer and owner of this site. is an eclectic site full of play information, articles, reviews, and stuff. It’s like a diary. You will be able to read about Cybele’s upcoming creations, her recent ideas, and latest plays. There is also the candy blog for you to take a look at, read it, and post your comment. Looking for more info? Check out today.


Author : Irene Davids

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