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TypePDF.comTypePDF is a new search engine that will enable you to look up and download PDF documents and data sheets in a direct fashion, and at no cost whatsoever. This particular engine scours open Internet resources like blogs, forums and bulletin boards in a bid to come up with the exact file that you are looking for, or with something very similar at the very least.


Forthcoming enhancements are going to include live PDF previews within your browser (effectively ensuring that you won’t download something that has nothing to do with what you originally wanted), and some social features for bringing a little dynamicity in. The ability to post comments and rate documents tops that particular list.

In any case, the site is more than usable as it stands right now. You might have to do some manual sorting, but it is all tolerable. And all files are live – the ULRs of documents are regularly checked in order to ensure that there are no dead links around. Still, I look forwards to the updates that are announced on the site and to any other that might materialize in due time. In Their Own Words

“ is a free search engine that provides an option to search for and download various PDF documents, data sheets etc. Our crawlers harvested a huge database PDF files through different open Internet resources such as blogs, forums, BBS and others. This database is regularly checked for file validity so now you can search within more than one million of live PDF files. The upcoming features are live PDF preview with your browser and social features like voting comments and stuff.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Looking up PDFs becomes something decidedly easy in such a setting – there is no interference, and there are no dead links either.

Some Questions About

Will a bookmarklet ever be provided?


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