KillerStartups – Track Wrestling Management

Twnode3.comTrack Wrestling is dedicated to help managing tournaments and wrestling events. Whether your tournament type is you will find the help you need, right there.

It can be a pre-defined, freestyle, or Greco kind of tournament, it doesn’t matter, they will guide you through the whole event. They offer customized features so that the managers can elaborate a scoring system that suits their needs. They are headquartered in Wisconsin but they are growing very quickly. On the main page of the web site there is a navigator on the left side containing diverse links, such as: tournaments, dual meets, statistics program, message board, pre-registration, message board, etc. On the top of the webpage there are other links, like: advantages, prices, sign up, and contact info. You can sign up for a tournament, for instance. If you want to know your team’s dual meet results, you can do so from their site.

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