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Twittersearch.flaptor.comFlaptor, whose flagship product Hounder, provides users with an unparalleled search and data mining capability, have recently launched a real time search engine for Twitter. The Twitter Search page consists of a simple search bar that reaps incredibly rapid results.


The engine is designed to allow users to search “tweets” in real time for any term they can think of. A test search for the term “Obama” brought back over 600 tweets with a time delay of about 10-minutes. While it sometimes appears that there are more Twitter apps currently underdevelopment than people to develop them, Twitter Search is a great tool for instantly checking the buzz surrounding anything. A similar search for Hillary only brought back 225 results with a delay of 4-minutes—can we draw any conclusions from this? In Their Own Words

“Sometimes in Flaptor we like to try new ideas, discover technologies and have fun with our experiments. One such experiment is Twitter Search which allows you to search Twitter in real time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a rapid way to ascertain the level of buzz surrounding any topic or subject. For such a simple little tool, one can imagine a broad range of potential applications.

Some Questions About

Are they considering further development of this engine to include more options like a toolbar and top searches of the day, or is this really just a fun side project.


Author : Caroline Bright

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