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TwistedTracks.comAre you a musician and you feel you can improve your works, but you just do not know anyone that would be good enough for you? Are you a sound designer and you are looking for a musician that could help you to create and perform the kind of music you have always dreamed with? This website has something for you.


com is an online resource that connects musicians and sound designers from around the world with producers and editors. If you need to produce top music and sound effects for a film, as well as for video and multimedia projects, this is a very interesting website that has what you are looking for.

Every musician, editor, sound designer, etc, that wants to join this adventure, will be a part of this company’s creative group of sonic talent. Each of them will earn royalties from each sale.

This company is interested in artists that are out in the box, creating amazing music, and trying to make a name for themselves. will help you by paying some bills if you are in the process to become one of these musicians. If you are interested about this online resource you can take a look at