KillerStartups – Twitter Apps Creator is a novel page that has an interesting variety of twitter apps being created, deigned, and improved by developers around the world.

This site’s staff works at the best level in order to properly test the entire app before profiling it on twi5

One of the positive points making twi5 a very good option for all the internauts is the detailed analysis provided regarding the app, its author, etc.

Among other catchy things about this site, you will find a short domain’s name that makes very easy to be remembered.

The profiling process of twitter applications at is meticulous. In order to provide only high quality products, they first test the app, and the they find out details about the author, regarding his or her credibility, as well as where they stand in the twitter world etc

This process is done with the intention of profiling only the best and the safest twitter apps at this site.If you think that twi5 is another dumping ground for twitter apps you are wrong; this is a place where to stop for all twitter users in order to give a try to every app they see.

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