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TweenTribune.comFor those that don’t know (me) a Tween is a pre-adolescent being. Apparently, Tweens have a keen interest in reading news and writing them, and that’s where TweenTribune.


com comes in. On the site, which looks like a standard news site, you’ll be able to glance through stories written by Tweens which are aimed at the same age group. I must admit that the stories are very well written and even captivating. The articles are very well researched and are not copied and pasted from other sources.

The site is updated constantly, with the latest news from the Tween world (and actual news we can all take advantage of). If you already have a favorite online news source, isn’t going to satisfy you, but for adolescents starting to get into the news thing, it might be a wonderful tool.

On the whole, the news are very well researched and entertaining, so you might not lose time taking a look at it.


Author : Liam Gray

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