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Tvinci.comTvinci is a media management platform that brings their users a cool interface. Here you will find all you need to make your videos look cooler.


For content providers, the site offers a management app that allows for syndication, conducts stats and analysis and enables publishers to monetize their content via advertising, and billing tools. The fancy interface invites them to interact adding comment bubbles, compiling playlists, and check out what other people are watching. Moreover, the video can be maximized or minimized as you desire, and as if wasn’t enough there’s a cool preview function which allows you to browse through thumbnails as your video plays in the background. On the sidebar you’ll find your playlists, which is neatly tucked away when not in use. The best part of all is that the player tool bar can be moved around the screen too so it facilitates the use. For further information you should visit


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