search cancel – Create And Deliver Your Mobile Promos is a free service that allows you to create and deliver multi-media messages to mobile phones in a single download.


Simply log on to the site’s online design tool and create your unique personalized user mobile promos or PUMPs using any combination of text, pictures and audio, within seconds. PUMPs are more expressive than an SMS and compared to an MMS a PUMP is interactive, with links to multiple pages and the internet. You can even send your pictures from sites like picassa, facebook and flickr to your mobile. This service is very simple to use, it requires no technical knowledge, and can be used to send something simple as a mobile greeting card or to extend your marketing campaign to a global audience. A wide variety of consumer and enterprise applications gives TuneSpray’s technology endless possibilities. For example, PUMPs can be used to promote event related information like film festivals, night clubs, restaurant openings, downloadable magazines for sports, gossip or weekly TV guides, or simply user created content to share private interactions. Why wait for an operator for your mobile content. Go, create, share and enjoy!


Author : Bruce Turner

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