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Triplify.comTriplify is a new search engine that places all the emphasis on providing a quick and effective experience to its users. As the programmer itself puts it, his idea was to create an engine that displayed the top summarized results from Google, Yahoo and Live Search while enabling users to compare results in a smooth fashion.


In addition to that, the results that are produced are completely sortable – all you have to do is hit the title of the column to rearrange them as you see fit.

As it was to be expected, an option is included for adding Triplify to your preferred web browser and using it from there.

I must admit that I found the results of the searches I carried out very punctual and very, very accurate. The ability to sort them was also a nice touch. It is still too soon to know how this engine will evolve and the role it can eventually occupy, but it is an interesting project to say the least. For the time being, you can give it a spin for yourself at the address that is provided below. In Their Own Words

“Triple Simplify Engine – Search, Compare and Sort!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those looking for an alternative to conventional search engines might find it appealing, as it does its job with distinction.

Some Questions About

How could the interface be made more user-friendly?


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