KillerStartups – Online Trichotillomania Resouces

Trich.orgTrichotillomania is a condition whereby an individual feels the urge to pull out scalp hair, eyelashes and facial hair. It is considered part of the impulse control disorders family, and experts propound that it begins during a person’s teenage years.

The Trichotillomania Learning Center is an online portal where resources on this condition can be found. The site itself is split into several subsections. These include “Info for Kids & Teens”, “Research” and “Treatment & Resources”. The latter collects together information on medication and different therapies including cognitive behavior therapy, as well as listing books and publications and other online resources. The site also includes a section named “Reaching Out” that features information such as personal stories and articles for family and parents along with community links. For its part, there is information on existing support groups, whereas resources and guidelines for those who want to start their own support group are provided. Lastly, a category entitled “For Treatment Providers” details how to become a member of the existing TLC’s referral network.

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