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TravelFriend.usWho wants to travel alone? I mean, will all the stories we know about hitting the open road for adventure and excitement be half as enticing had they involved only one traveller? Would Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road” be remotely that interesting if he had undertaken the journey on his own? Of course not. The point of travelling with others is that we are motivated to do things that we wouldn’t do otherwise, in the same way that Sal on Kerouac’s book is driven into a journey of discovery led by the experience of his more worldly-wise friends.

The same will happen to you if you undertake a trip with other people – you will lead each other from a new experience into the other. One will say “Ah! Let’s go scuba diving!” Then the other will suggest going to that old castle by the sea that he knows about and the others don’t… you will all end up doing things that wouldn’t cross your mind otherwise. And if you agree with that, if you believe that traveling with others is the right way to travel but you are yet to find the right partners then this site will suit you fine.

You see, here you can create an account and become findable to people traveling anywhere, as well as being able to look up people up by way of the provided search tool. This will let you specify the gender of the person you would are keen on traveling with, as well as his/her age and the exact location You can also look through these profiles that have a picture only if that is what you want. In Their Own Words

“Find travel partners.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Traveling is truly memorable experience only when you do things that you wouldn’t do otherwise. And the best way to motivate yourself is through a system like this one.

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