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Traveladventures.orgIf you want an impartial travel guide from one man who has made it his life’s work to explore the world then you need to check out the web site called www.traveladventures.


org. It was made by a man called Boris Kester and it contains his views and opinions on all the different places he has visited. Each time he goes traveling he adds to his web site, so it is updating all the time. His site currently contains six hundred and eighty seven stories from one hundred and twelve different countries around the world. Boris has been building the content on this site to give you one mans view of some of the best places he has visited on the planet. The site has a staggering amount of photos as well, nearly six and a half thousand of them are available to view. Browse this site at your leisure or use the search facility if you are looking for a specific place.


Author : Bill Webb

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